10 Amazing Benefits of Having A Smartwatch in 2022

Most likely you’re here on this guide because you’re still in doubt whether getting yourself a smartwatch is an excellent choice or might be just a waste of time, as well as your hard-earned money.

With that said, knowing the benefits of having a smartwatch can convince you that purchasing one is a wise decision that can benefit you for the long-term.

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Having A Smartwatch

Calling Features

There are two levels of utilizing this feature. It’s either using your smartwatch to make a call by asking Siri to make a call on your smartphone or using the device as a remote to answer an incoming call on your phone. The second level of doing this is on a cellular smartwatch that can come with a speaker, microphone, and a network connection to make a call without your smartphone.

LTE or known as Long-Term Evolution smartwatches are becoming more common. Garmin, LG, Huawei, Samsung, and Apple have LTE. Also, but it’s reasonable to see poor battery life on these kinds of smartwatches because being linked to a cellular network drains plenty of battery life.

Music Playing Features

Offline music playback features are not yet very prominent on smartwatches; however, it is a great benefit for individuals who need a phone-free experience when going for a workout or outdoor activities. Also, prospective users can either control their smartphone’s music player and use their smartwatch as a remote or pair the smartwatch with Bluetooth headset and listen to music from the smartwatch through a headphone.

This is a very convenient feature when doing sports and not wanting to bring a smartphone. Users can store their music on a cellular smartwatch or related device so they can stream over the network.

Health and Fitness Features

Smartwatches usually come with integrated functionality we often used to have on our fitness trackers. Health-related benefits such as tracking your activities, sleep quality and time, heart rate, and overall health and fitness level.

Here are some of the following features you should note regarding health and fitness features of a smartwatch:

  • ECG – it’s also known as an electrocardiogram, and is a feature that is beginning to be available on some certain smartwatches such as the Apple Watch Series 4. This feature delivers more precise heart rate measurements and gives more data for detecting incoming heart-related issues.
  • Sleep Hours and Quality – this feature is possible with an integrated Heart Rate, Gyro, and Accelerometer monitors on the smartwatch. Different manufacturers use different algorithms for tracking your sleep time and the quality of it with varying degree of success.
  • Blood Pressure – this one is an entirely new feature for many smartwatches. It first came available on the Omron HeartGuide Smartwatch in the mid-week of January 2022. This very watch received FDA clearance for its Oscillometric blood pressure feature.
  • Heart Rate – most of the smartwatches today often come with heart rate monitors that can measure the individual’s heart rate from the wrist, and for all, you know measuring your heart rate comes with many perks. It lets you track your heart rate during your workouts making you keep in a zone that’s increasing your overall fitness level. One more benefit of this feature is that it is linked to an AI that could be able to detect specific types of abnormal heart rhythms precisely.
  • Emergency SOS – this one is an extra feature available at least for the Apple Watch the lets you call for assistance from your smartwatch.
  • Sports Features – new smartwatches let you initiate activity tracking for your swimming, cycling, runs, your walks, and many more. The Garmin brand is prominent for its multisport smartwatches, and they come with highly precise measurements on sports activities.

Plenty of Smart Features

Reminders – this one can be done by just using the virtual assistant – Siri on your Apple Watch. This feature can sync across devices.

Showing Incoming Calls – most smartwatches can display incoming calls when linked to your smartphone.

Navigation – Rather than mapping and just arrows pointing you the way Apple Watch also gives you a more discreet way of directing you with vibrating in varied ways to tell you must turn left or right. If you’re a tourist, this would be very convenient.

Notifications – just like the Calendar feature, emails, etc. with notification feature, you can often take a peek upon and in some cases thoroughly read on the smartwatches screen. Typically, you get notifications from all the apps on your smartphone by default, but you can also block some certain apps.

Contactless Payment – through Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin, Pay, Android Pay, or Apple pay, you can now pay for purchases via your watch. These mobile payment systems work with contactless payment readers so that they can spend without their phone or card. Smartwatches, it should work at any store offering contactless payment.

Entertainment is Readily on Your Wrist

Let’s say you’re walking and all of a sudden you want to watch a Youtube video that your friend keeps talking about, and you don’t want to miss or forget that because it’s really interesting. With a smartwatch, you’re just one or two clicks away from playing Youtube through your watch.

You can also stream videos or play your favorite soundtrack while you’re on the go. Smart watches are never going to replace the big screen quality of your smartphone, but for those sudden moments, it’s unrivaled in terms of convenience.

Keeps You Longer than your Smartphone

Perhaps you’re thinking from the very first time, why do you even need a smartwatch when you already have a decent smartphone? Get rid of that thought from your mind since some smartwatches have such long-lasting batteries that a phone can’t just compete with. This factor is convenient especially if you’re on a long trip and must save some battery life for emergencies. Some smartwatches can last for up to ten days with just a single full charge.

You’re Constantly Connected While Doing Activities

When you’re doing your workouts or exercises such as swimming, cycling, or running, there are times when you need to peek into your notifications, call history, and messages. Sometimes, it’s impossible for you to keep your smartphone while doing such perspiring activities, and it’s just awkward and quite annoying when you’re getting your phone out from your pocket. And this is why a smartwatch is convenient because you can just turn up your wrist and you’ll get informed immediately.

You Can Receive Calls and Reply to Messages Promptly

If you’ve got a smartwatch on your wrist, you don’t need to bring your smartphone out from your pocket because with smartwatches, you can now reply to messages or even receive calls while you’re on the go. This is very useful if you’re exercising or in a setting where carry a phone is a little bit awkward. Also, some watches also come with voice support.

Very Handy For Finding Your Missing Devices

For all we know, missing your keys or phone is a frustrating experience. It usually seems to happen before some critical occasion that we can’t be late for. Gladly, smart watches can render this inconvenience an issue of the past since most of them have now integrated with a “Find Phone” feature. You can link your phone or any smart device with it, and you’ll be able to ring it through your watch whenever you wish. Missed your phone? Just press a specific button on your smartwatch, and you’ll be able to locate your missing stuff in seconds!


Being able to change your smart watch’s looks and display every single day is quite enjoyable. During weekends, you can walk around with a dancing Micky Mouse on your wrist; besides you can wear a more professional customized smartwatch on Monday morning office meetings.

Some smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, lets users answer and carry out conversations directly from the smartwatch while allowing the phone to stay still in your bag. This could make you feel like Dick Tracy, and it is not the nicer way to answer every call; however, it does come in very handy for quick convo when you can’t get to your smartphone.


In my own humble opinion, I can’t count the number of people saying that smartwatches are just a waste of your hard-earned money. Sadly, those who say this don’t understand what really smartwatches are and how convenient they are mainly in this modern digital era.

Moreover, I’ll bet that there are two types of people who’ll probably be reading this article right now. The first one is those who think that they might waste money, and the other ones are those who want to know more about the convenience and advantages of smartwatches before making a decisive action.

However, regardless, smartwatches have survived much criticism in the past few years. However, heck, they still in existence even at this very moment and the industry is getting bigger, thanks to the constantly innovating technology.

You don’t want to get left behind, right? If so, consider investing in a smartwatch because it’s a good asset that offers a whole ton of advantages and benefits just like we mentioned above.

If you have any experience of using smartwatches, it would be nice if you can share them on the comment box below. Have a nice day!

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