Bug Bounty Hunting: Guide to an Advanced Earning Method

Bug Bounty Hunting: Guide to an Advanced Earning Method

This course includes all the techniques/methods to find any vulnerability in websites/ web applications and their exploitation. This Bug Bounty Hunting program is designed to inform all the latest vulnerabilities on websites like Web Application attacks, CSRF attacks, Injection attacks and more.

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You will also learn the procedure in which you get paid or earn many other rewards by documenting and disclosing these bugs to the website’s security team. So, this course will give you a thorough introduction to the bugs that you can report and earn money.

Bug Bounty Hunting: Course Content

  • Introduction To Bug Bounty – (7 Videos)
  • Information Gathering – (7 Videos)
  • Setting Up Labs – (2 Videos)
  • SQL Injection – (9 Videos)
  • Web Application Attack – (6 Videos)
  • Cross-Site Script (XSS) – (8 Videos)
  • Header Injection & url Rediection – (3 Videos)
  • Client-Side Attack – (10 Videos)
  • Brute Forcing – (3 Videos)

  Bug Bounty Hunting Total 18 Sections, 71 Lectures     Download

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