How to Quickly Install Disqus Comment Column

Disqus Comment Column Currently, there are so many blogs or sites all over the world that install Disqus even top bloggers in India have installed them, first I installed them and I uninstalled them because it made my blog loading a bit delayed, but now Disqus has fixed the bugs. Then what is the background for installing a Disqus comment box? let’s explain:

About Disqus

Disqus(read in English: discuss) is a networked comment system service in cyberspace. Hundreds of thousands of sites, ranging from small sites, popular sites such as WordPress blogs, Tumblr, Blogspot, to large sites like and can be integrated with Disqus to support discussion services for users in cyberspace. In addition, for manual settings, Disqus can integrate with CMS types such as Drupal, Joomla, Squares pace, Yola / SythaSite, DokuWiki, Storytlr, Sweetcron, Sandvox, and Chimp. Not surprisingly, various sites consider discussion through cyberspace must also take into account its strength because the internet since its emergence has now become an interactive communication medium, which no longer offers one-way communication.

Internet users in India in 2009 alone have reached more than 25 million people, and are expected to increase by 25% annually. In this manner, the nearness of Disqus was invited by such huge numbers of locales and clients. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now don’t small sites to the big ones install them, why don’t we?

To install it, follow the instructions below:

Open the Disqus site
Click Login

Site disqus disqus list

At the login window, if you haven’t registered, select signup. (see picture below)

Signup disqus starts new tech mint

Fill in the name: Type your name
Fill in the Email: type your email
Fill in the Password: choose your password

Then click signup

Note:- I suggest signing up with a Gmail account or clicking the google button to be faster.

If it is usually there will be an email from Disqus to the email you registered, make sure you verify your email so that Disqus can proceed to the next step.

after signup select> I want to install Disqus on my site (see picture below)

Start Install disqus tech mint

Start filling in the name of your site

After creating the site the image below will appear

start disqus

Just click Got it. How about we begin!
This stage you have successfully registered on the site Disqus and then is how to install Disqus on your blog site. follow these steps:

Select Install Disqus> select the site you are using (If you use a blog, choose Blogger)

Select Number 1, which is added blog name to my Blogger Site

Select Add widget (See the arrow above).

Until here you have finished installing Disqus on the blog, don’t forget to save the settings then try to see the results.

Benefits of Installing Disqus

  1. The comment column display is more responsive, attractive, stylish.
  2. Can increase the amount of traffic
  3. Look more professional.
  4. Can search for discussion communities that fit the content of your blog.
  5. one Disqus account can use with several blogs or sites.
  6. Add backlinks installed on your profile.
  7. Able to ward off internet provider ads that infiltrate through an iframe
  8. No need to worry that the comment column does not appear because Disqus has handled it.

Deficiency :

  1. Loading form Disqus quite a long time compared to the default form dialog
  2. Modernization can only done at Disqus.
  3. If you have installed the Disqus, the default form will disappear unless you backup it first.


Before and after I say thank you for wanting to visit this blog, hopefully, it will be useful for you.
What I have said above is based on my experience, so if something is not right in your eyes, please correct it by giving a comment below:

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