Our Beloved Guru

Our Beloved Guru

Satsang by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

28th December 2012, Rikhiapeeth

Coming to the conclusion of this wondrous Yoga Poornima celebration, and today on the last day of the Yoga Poornima we are celebrating the birthday of our beloved Guru, Sri Swami Satyananda, who was born on the full moon day in the year 1923 in Almora.

I need not say anything about him as we all feel what he is for each one of us in our hearts. I do not need to speak anything in relation to him, for we can feel him within us, observing, guiding, inspiring, uplifting each and every life through his benevolence, presence, and grace. After the auspicious eloquence of Swami Satsangi nothing remains to be said, because she has given you the mandate to connect, to remember and to live the Guru Tattwa by remembering the inspiration that Sri Swamiji has provided us with in our lives. That is the real tribute that we can offer to a person such as Sri Swamiji.

Today I am telling you that I’m living two lives. In one life I’ve lived two lives. The first life was a complete one. From the day I was born until just before I turned 50, I lived and breathed and walked in the presence of Sri Swamji, and cultivated an association with him, a relationship with him that today I find inspiring and fulfilling.

From the moment I was aware, I was aware of him. Not of my mother and father. I was aware of him as a presence, a geru presence in my life. In the course of time I would hide in his dhotis, I would tickle him when he would be giving lectures and satsangs. I would sleep with him, I would eat with him, I would wrestle with him, I would play with him, and he would sing kirtans as lullabies at night to make me sleep.

From the moment of my first awareness until he attained mahasamadhi is one life that I have lived in this lifetime. The memories of that life connect me in so many ways to him that I find this connection astounding.

After his mahasamadhi, it was not only he who left this dimension, this world, but a part of me also left with him and today I’m a three year old kid sitting here and learning to live again, without his physical presence, but with him enveloping the entire being. This is the grace, this is the relationship that I feel with him and I can only express my gratitude to him for being everything in my life.

On his birthday let us wish him, with the real feeling of the heart. Namo Narayan, Swamiji, Namo Narayan, Swamiji, Namo Narayan, Swamiji.

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