Sugar-apple, the fruit of Annona squamosa, The New Exotic Fruit with Extreme Health Benefits.

Sugar-apple,  the fruit of Annona squamosa,  The New Exotic Fruit with Extreme Health Benefits.
Sugar-apple is the fruit of Annona squamosa, the most widely grown species of Annona and a native of the tropical Americas and West Indies. The fruit is round to conical, 5–10 cm (2.0–3.9 in) in diameter and 6–10 cm (2.4–3.9 in) long, and weighing 100–240 g (3.5–8.5 oz), with a thick rind composed of knobby segments. The color is typically pale green to blue-green, with a deep pink blush in certain varieties   

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  1. Sugarapple is a tropical fruit, which is also called Sweetsop. It is closely related to Soursop and it doesn’t require much imagination to imagine the difference in taste. In Vietnam it used to be an asset to have “teeth as sugar apple seeds”, which is more difficult to imagine as these seeds are black.
  2. The fruit can be consumed just by itself or in the form of shakes, smoothies, deserts and ice cream. Moreover, this tasty fruit is an excellent alternative to dairy products, making it perfect for those who are allergic to dairy products as it provides the same nutrition.
  3. Custard apples are rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C, which help get rid of free radicals from the body. The fruit is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin and potassium
  4. Sugar apple maintains good vision as the high vitamin C counters free radical damage and inflammation. It there for is also effective in reducing arthritis and rheumatism.
  5. The fruit also has copper and dietary fiber in abundance which is responsible for a healthy digestive tract and helps in digestion that avoids constipation.
  6. It is rich in potassium, the mineral known to regulate blood pressure levels by controlling the effects of sodium in the body.
  7. Eating sugar-apple can supply an excellent amount of vitamin C, one of the potent anti-oxidants which may help decrease the risk of developing asthma
  8. Sugar-apple is a good source of thiamin, a nutrient which helps sugar turn into
  9. Magnesium which is present in custard apple helps in protecting the heart from cardio vascular diseases and relaxing the muscles.
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