Top 10 Best Headphone Brands in India (2022)

For all you know, there are a whole ton of headphones in the market, manufactured by different companies. Both small and big.

Now here’s the question, which is the best headphone brand in India worth of your hard-earned money and time?

With that said, we want to share you a list of the best headphone brands in India, and we rank them up based on overall product quality, expert reviews, and customer feedback.

Top 10 Best Headphone Brands in India

1.) Sony

Sony is most likely one of the most prominent brands when it comes to manufacturing electronic products worldwide. In fact, statistics show that many households have probably at least one Sony product in their possessions.

Established since 1946, Sony has truly become a giant figure in entertainment, financial services, gaming, electronics, and many more!

When it comes to regular ear-buds and earphones, to full-sized headphones, this brand has also kept its position in the global market as one of the best-selling brands. With a whole lot of headphones models they produce every single year; it might be difficult to accurately point out which of these products is the number 1 Sony headphone since the brand has been consistent in manufacturing only the top-selling headphone products.

In fact, there’s actually a pair of Sony headphones for everyone’s need. Based on thousands of reviews and polls from critics and consumers, headphones made by Sony are quite stable when it comes to durability. On the other hand, sound quality depends on some models better than others.

Nevertheless, you are still ensured that you’ll get an excellent sound quality even for cheaper Sony headphones.

2.) JBL

James Bullough Lansing established the JBL Company in 1946. Even though the brand is primarily focused on loudspeakers and similar devices, they have begun to become a significant player in the headphone market as well.

JBL is famous for the fantastic designs and built quality of their headphones. Moreover, the company also succeeds in delivering exceptional sound quality. Additionally, they’ve become a very prominent brand in the audio market as they offer rates that are affordable for most people.

Various automotive giants like Ferrari and Toyota utilize JBL audio systems, so does the top-tier sector vehicles from Ford. Being a subsidiary of Harman, the JBL Company got an exceptional turnover and Net Worth of over millions of dollars.

JBL is one of the pioneers of wireless headphones, and thus one of the best headphone brands in the world.

This brand makes premium headphones and is widely known for their top-notch noise-reduction headphones. But one thing that should be known about this brand is that JBL is a natural pick for Indians while looking for the best headphone out there; thus the brand enjoys vast popularity in the country.

JBL manufactures a ton of Bluetooth speakers, main loudspeakers, a variety of audio products, and of course headphones. The company is the leading player in the Indian headphone market known for its excellent sleek designs, product specifications, and sound quality. Additionally, this brand has a vast range of products available in India with many headphones priced at different price categories.

3.) Sennheiser

This brand is one of the top-tier headphone brands in the world, and their electronic products make one of the best-selling products in the world.

Sennheiser Company is established since 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser at Hannover, Germany. This brand is most likely one of the best headphone producers that make premium headphone and has a wireless brand known as CX sport and Momentum Free.

Well, just try looking into any random list of the best headphones on the internet, and you’ll most likely find a Sennheiser model. From cheaper headphones for regular consumers to pricier cans for some studio professionals, this brand made their products available for the common population to enjoy.

Celebrity musicians, artists, and Celebrity DJs proudly use the Sennheiser brand and while this brand is far from being classified as overhyped or overrated because celebrities are spotted using it, it’s good to mention that it has maintained a household name just because of its consistent first-rate quality, durability, great designs, extreme comfort, and most importantly their reasonable and competitive prices.

Just how Sennheiser would put it, their vision is to deliver the best possible sound experience to their consumers. Through the years, they maintained being consistent in their pursuit of the perfect sound quality.

4.) Skullcandy

This brand is famous for its fun, hip, and colorful designs that satisfy to just about any kind of professional and consumer out there.

Skullcandy is a US-based company and is one of the most prominent audio brands globally. They are more commonly known for their experimental products and a huge variety of categories since the company produces several kinds of audio gadgets. That said, Skullcandy has several options available at multiple price categories.

Skullcandy has created partnerships with sports enthusiasts, celebrities, artists, and athletes, which have most likely helped to increase their prominence from their headquarters in Utah to the rest of the planet.

Apart from the common consumer market, the brand also targets outdoor action sports demographics such as snowboarders and skaters.

Their influence has spanned across the world, and their products, from simply first-rated ear-buds to full-sized headphones have gained a lot of compliments from all kinds of consumers.

Perhaps, what allowed them to stay consistent despite strong competition is their ability to deliver products at a very reasonable price. That said, you can probably get a pair of very stylish Skullcandy headphones that won’t disappoint your expectations.

Skullcandy is famous for its products that have funky designs, and thus getting a significant demand among the young generation.

5.) Philips

Philips was established in 1891 by Frederik and Gerard Philips, a father and son duo.

The brand is a Dutch company with a status for having manufactured ground-breaking and innovative electronics over a century. Normally, individuals don’t instantly think of Philips when talking about headphones, primarily because it is more represented in lighting and home appliances.

With total assets of over $32.65 billion, they’ve invested in the audio industry quite well and make quite good sales too. And most likely, they offer the cheapest pair of cans in this list. By producing headphones at an inexpensive price with exceptional audio and build quality, they are quite outstanding at what they deliver.

The brand prefers to keep things simple, concentrating more on function instead of style. Philips offers a solid line-up of headphones aimed at both non-audiophiles and audiophiles. Additionally, they are also known for their first-rate consumer electronic goods offered at a very affordable price.

And speaking of headphones, Philips is a famous headphone brand in the audio industry offering some of the most reasonable price top-notch headphones. Philips manufactures quality headphones’ prices very competitively. In terms of sound quality, their cans boast crisp and clear output. Also, the designs are trendy, and the built is impressive. And therefore, the wide variety of headphones at almost every price makes Philips headphones very popular throughout the Indian market.

6.) boAt

boAt is a lifestyle brand that strikes in fashionable consumer electronics products like premium rugged cables, travel charger, speakers, headphones, and earphones.

boAt products blend into anyone’s daily lifestyle of almost to the point of being a fashion accessory brand and an ideal fit for the consumer’s surroundings.  Now if you didn’t know, boAt Lifestyle is a Delhi-based Company involved in importing audio items from China and branding them with their own brand.

the boAt doesn’t have any manufacturing or research and development facilities of their own.

Before being branded as “boAt,” the company used to import iPhone accessories and sell them on e-commerce sites in India. And the quality of their products is good in respect to the price given.

The company import items in bulk and thus getting relatively low prices from Chinese manufacturers. And to make that there’s no quick turnaround and inventory build-up; they show high prices on e-commerce sites and then offer massive discounts. This is the very reason why the company’s products are always on sale huge discounts.

7.) Bose

Bose was established by an Indian sound engineer, Amar Gopal Bose, and is known around the world for its excellent products. From top-tier sound systems to speakers, and to noise-canceling headphones, the brand is termed to be a pioneer of a variety of first-rate audio products in the audio industry.

The brand enjoys wide popularity in India but has low market share due to its extravagant pricing. Thus it received the title “Apple of India for headphones”. Well, that’s reasonable considering that the company manufactures the best audio quality headphones on the planet with top-notch audio experience for users.

Having a net worth of over a billion dollars, this brand became one of the best manufacturers of quality headphones. With items that never compromise with sound quality, they manufacture some of the best personal and studio headphones, as well as speakers.

Their premium models may seem to be expensive even though not as pricier as Audio Technica, but Bose is still worth of every penny of what you spend if you’re the type of person who loves to listen to music with top-notch quality.

8.) Beats

Beats is one of the prominent headphone brands across the world, and also known as having the most expensive pair of headphones among many other top-tier headphone brands.

This world-class headphone brand was established in 2006 by Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre at California, under the Beats Electronics banner. And later on, the brand was later acquired by Apple Inc. in 2014 for an estimated price of $3 billion. Thus, they are one of the leading wireless headphone brands that have yearly revenue of almost $2 billion starting from 2017.

It looks like it was just yesterday when this brand took the world by storm as it’s being endorsed by music celebrities, and getting through criticisms because of its massive price tags and unique design.

Originally partnered with Monster, Beats is now an independent division under Apple Inc. whopping $1.5 billion ported revenue in 2013.

It’s a fact that this brand continues to be the most preferred headphone brand of many artists, celebrity musicians, professionals, and of course some regular consumers. Additionally, their “b” logo has become a style icon, and each pair of headphones manufactured by Beats is always ensured to give first-rate sound quality.

9.) Audio Technica

When the topic is all about headphones, Audio Technica is most likely the first headphone brand that comes to anyone’s mind as they specialize in the studio, DJ, and professional headphones.

The brand begin their journey as a small company in Tokyo, Japan in 1962, and they consistently live up to their current tagline – “always listening”  as they really listened to their customers and guarantees that they deliver the demands of those valuable customers.

It never became a miss or hit for Audio Technica as they received innumerable industry awards as they concentrate on style, durability, comfort, and the most important, world-class sound quality. They thrive making their products available in a vast range of price range to remain accessible to different kinds of customers.

In fact, countless online sellers, selling pages on Audio Technica are full of positive reviews coming from very satisfied customers who mostly rave about how each pair of this brand’s cans can give them a guarantee of impressive sound quality, no matter the series of the pair belongs to or its design.

If ever you don’t like taking the risk on a pair of headphones from a brand you don’t know, and you want to get ensure that you’ll be getting what you are paying for and possibly even more, Audio Technica will surely not let you down.

10.) Ant Audio

This brand is a company based in the UK that engineers and manufactures top-notch quality earphones and headphones.

Ant Audio Company greatly admires the power of music and the impact it has on each individual’s life. This is the very reason why the company has devoted their resources, energy, and time into developing the ideal audio experience for their consumers.

The brand has also used the best audio drivers that give remarkably seamless and crisp sound reproduction. Ant Audio also understands that the ideal audio experience is not restricted to the audio drivers. In other words, they design products that efficiently blend into the individual’s way of living.

Every single day, Ant Audio works towards creating solutions that will fuel flawless listening experience with quality audio output as well as innovative designs that amalgamate proficiently to add music to the listener’s everyday life. Hence, they believe that music is a journey, an experience to be celebrated and admired.

Giving high-end quality through sound, Ant Audio’s goal is to deliver products that are best fitted to your way of life without any unfair trade-off. Their headphones are engineered in a way to complement each user’s way of living.


Now here’s the takeaway here: Brand is important when choosing the best headphones in India to ensure top-notch sound quality, and guarantees that you won’t waste your hard-earned money on some crappy cans.

But the truth still remains.

Some of these brands are way, way expensive! You agree, right? And so, we want to conclude this roundup with a winner.

Obviously, the winner we want is a brand that has a world-class sound quality but at the same time, budget-friendly.

Thus, we gladly announce that Sennheiser takes the number 1 spot in this guide. You’re asking why? Well, aside from it possessing that top-tier audio quality and budget-friendly trait, Sennheiser also provides fancy characteristics that you can reread at the top again.

Well, that concludes everything, and we hope that you enjoyed absorbing all these interesting facts about the best headphone brands in India.

And for the last words, if you have a moment to spare, please share your feedback or suggestions about our topic today below. Have a great day!

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